Evergreen started out in mid September 2009 originally with just Nicholas Forte and Ron Latham. The two had been in a band together previously, and after some time, decided to get back together. Soon after came the addition of Gerry Corsi, adding keyboards and vocals to the mix. After various lineup changes they recently added guitarist AJ Mee and Sean Reiter on bass in the summer of 2011. They slowly identified their sound creating Rock music with many Indie-Pop influences. Now with a solid line-up... Evergreen wants to put musicianship back in Pop/rock music with a focus on quality music and thought provoking lyrics. Key changes, unique chord progressions, vocal harmonies and intelligent song writing are all part of what make Evergreen unique. Evergreen released their first album, Here is Now, in June of 2010 and several of their singles can be heard on various college and local radio stations. They have been performing in venues all over the Philadelphia and South Jersey area, sharing the stage with artists such as: The Ataris, Jupiter One, The Lives of Famous Men, The Higher, Between the Trees, Casey Shea, The John Henrys and Don't Panic. Recently they started writing new music and are in the works to complete their second studio album due out in the summer of 2012.


Nicholas Forte, the lead vocalist and guitarist for Evergreen, has been studying music for 12 years and teaching music instrumental/vocal for 4 years. He is a graduate of Kutztown University, where he studied music education with a concentration in classical guitar. His musical influences include bands like The Beatles, Oasis, The Cure, The Police, U2, Genesis, Jimmy Eat World, and Goo Goo Dolls. Nicholas listens to and performs both classical and rock music and has a private voice, guitar, and piano studio. He is currently the Director of Vocal Music at Glassboro High School and Junior High School in NJ.


Gerry Corsi, keyboardist and vocals for Evergreen, started playing piano at 8 years old and guitar at 15 years old. Originally from West Deptford, NJ, Gerry now resides in Sewell, NJ and owns Meteor Studios, from which he does all the recording for Evergreen and other bands on the side. His musical influences include Nigel Godrich, Ric Ocasek, Phil Spector, Brett Detar, Stephan Christian, Stephen Jenkins, Mutt, and Jeff Buckley. On his downtime, Gerry likes to watch his favorite TV shows, watch movies, going to the beach and surfing, and watching Phillies games. He is a graduate of the University of Richmond and Temple University and currently works as a Dentist.




AJ Mee - Guitars guitarist and vocalist for Evergreen, joined the band in June 2010. He is a longtime veteran of the Philadelphia music scene, having performed in various original and cover acts in the area (in addition to his own solo acoustic shows.) A.J. studied guitar and vocals under master instructor Ken Greenfield during his high school years, while playing bass in his high school's jazz ensemble. A.J. graduated from LaSalle University with a major in Computer Science (with a minor in music). He also possesses an extensive background as a recording engineer, having produced several CDs and demos for various local bands. A.J. lives in South Jersey and works as a pre-sales engineer for a Fortune 500 technology company.



Sean Reiter - Bass
Sean Reiter, the bassists/vocalist for Evergreen, has been studying music for 25 years and playing bass guitar for 16 years. He is a graduate of Rutgers University, where he earned a Bachelor of Art's Degree. His musical influences include bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, and Sublime. Sean has played in such local bands as Underside, JT Money Band, and Drive By Dancer. Sean currently splits time with the band 23 Kings.





Ron Latham, the drummer for Evergreen, has also been studying music for 12 years and has been teaching private percussion lessons and marching percussion for the past 7 years. Ron is a graduate from Rowan University, where he studied math education with a minor in musical performance. His musical and percussion influences include Dave Matthews Band, The Killers, Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Frank Sinatra, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, John Riley, Dave Weckl, Scott Johnson, and Steve Smith. He is currently a Mathematics Teacher at Audubon High School in NJ.





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