Meteor Studios has been in business since 2005 and was recently relocated to Sewell, NJ. In our relaxing studio, you won't find yourself under pressure/time constraints like in those big name studios. Creating a quality recording to benefit your band/music is our main concern. We know you're on a tight budget, but we recognize that in today's music industry a quality product is a must have for any up and coming musician.

Our facility contains one main tracking/mixing room plus one vocal and isolation booth.

$25 per hour....or $20/hr for longer projects/deals. Each session will be overseen by our producer/engineer. You'll have access to any of the equipment in our studio during your sessions. Email us today to inquire about possible sessions, discounts and further information.


--Custom built PC w/ AMD 2.4ghz Quad core w/ 8gigs RAM and Windows 7 64bit

-Gateway 2.4ghz Quad core w/ 4gigs RAM and Vista

-Samsung 28" wide screen monitor

-500gb and 250gb hardrives to store/backup your songs!

-Sonar X3 Producers Edition


-TOFT ATB16 Mixing console

-Echo Audiofire12 A/D/A Converter with BLA mod (x2)

-Presonus ADL600 preamp

-Joe Meek VC1Q Studio Channel Preamp

-Focusrite ISA428 preamp

-Focusrite RED8 preamp



-Dbx 160x Revive Audio Mod (x2)

-Joe Meek VC5 EQ

-HHB Radius 20 Tube Parametric EQ

-Chameleon Labs 7720 (ZenPro Mod)

-Radial JDI

-Alesis Quadraverb

-Adobe Audition


-CD Architect

-Yamaha HS80M Monitors and Sub

-Dynaudio Bm5a monitors

-JBL L100 Century Mastering Monitors

-Creative 2.1 Computer speakers

-Monster & Mogami high quality cables

-Sennheiser hd280 & Koss UR29 Headphones

-Rane HC6 Headphone amp

-Behringer Ultra-DI


-AKG D112

-Audio Technica DB125 (3)

-Audix F10

-Audix D6

-Audix i5 (2)

-Audix OM-5

-Cad m177 Condenser

-Cad m9 Tube Condenser

-Cascade Fathead Ribbon

-EV RE-20

-Oktava MK012 (JJ-mod)

-Oktava MK219 x2 (JJ-mod)

-Oktava MKL2500 (JJ-mod)

–Rode K2

-Rode NT5 (Joly mod)

-Rode NTK (JJ-mod)

-Rode NT5 x2 (Bonnell Mod)

-Sennheiser e609

-Sennheiser e835

-Shure AXS2

-Shure beta52

-Shure beta57a

-Shure PG48

-Shure Sm57

-Shure Sm58

-Shure Sm7b




Others (while not recording):

-Wireless internet

-TV w/ Cable & DVD player

-Hundreds of movies and music selections




Previous Clients:

Evergreen, Divers Lust, The Wild Snow, Vox Machina, Asleep Kodiak, The Dead Rabbits, In Secrecy, Ships That Pass In The Nights, Love in a .45, This Horse and Carriage, Circle of Fear, Nicholas Forte, Nick many others!

* Certain instruments are only available upon request


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Pictures from BPS photography


Lester 6'1 Grand Piano‬

-Korg M50 workstation

-Korg x50 keyboard/synth

-Korg R3 Synth

-Dean EVO Premium Les Paul

- Fender Mexican Stratocaster w/ Mods

- SX Telecaster w/mods

-Dillion PRS Copy

-Fender Mexican Jazz Bass

-Hand Carved Custom Djembe

-OLP Stingray Bass

-Dean Del Sol Acoustic

-Johnson Acoustic

-Ibanez Acoustic

-Bentely 12 String Acoustic

-Kalos Concert Ukulele

-Jet City JCA20H

-Fender Blues Jr

-Vox AC30

-Blackstar HT5

-Fender 2x12 Supersonic cabinet

-Marshall 4x10 vintage cabinet

-Line 6 HD400 Lowdown bass amp

-Peavey 4x10 TXF bass cabinet

-Remo Djembe

-Tama Starclassic 5 piece kit

-Remo Djembe

-Hand Carved Custom Djembe

-Other various Percussion Instruments

-POD LiveXT effects unit

-Line 6, Boss, DOD effects pedals